Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation Review

Having a strong base is the key to any makeup look and wearing the right foundation is crucial. But it’s not an easy task. I’ve always had trouble finding the “right” foundation for my skin type and tone, and had always relied on beauty advisers (Mecca/Myer/David Jones beauty counters) for help, but that’s only for high end foundations. When it came to drug store foundations, I was on my own. Each time I was on the hunt for a drug store foundation, I would spend hours, trying each one out at least twice, before committing and even then, I question myself if I’ve chosen the right colour (I can’t be the only one that does this…)

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10 things only an Instagrammer would understand…

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1. “I’m heading to sleep now” equals to spending the next two hours stalking people on Instagram.

2. When people follow and then unfollow the next day..!?!? Like wth..??? Yes, this is frustrating (ultimate 1st world problem).

3. (Foodie Instagrammer) If someone takes a piece of the food before you take 3,293 photos, you want to punch them!

4. That annoying feeling you get when you want to Instgram something yet the lighting is horrible.

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LOREEBLOOM Instagram giveaway (CLOSED)


To celebrate my Instagram account hitting 5k followers, I decided to host a small giveaway.

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Why are you calling me Loree…?

Hello there,

As this is my first blog entry, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Loi and I’m a shopaholic coffee addict from Melbourne. I’ve been instragramming (loreebloom) about beauty, life and coffee since late last year and have now decided to create a blog.

First things first, I want to share with you the reason why my blog is called Loree Bloom.
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