10 things only an Instagrammer would understand…

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1. “I’m heading to sleep now” equals to spending the next two hours stalking people on Instagram.

2. When people follow and then unfollow the next day..!?!? Like wth..??? Yes, this is frustrating (ultimate 1st world problem).

3. (Foodie Instagrammer) If someone takes a piece of the food before you take 3,293 photos, you want to punch them!

4. That annoying feeling you get when you want to Instgram something yet the lighting is horrible.

5. You have an awesome photo, but no idea how to caption it. (Argghhh can’t think…) And then end up with a just a smiley face 😊.

6. You spend an hour and a half to take the perfect flatlay, only to discover it’s crooked after everything’s been packed up. FML.

7. When someone says that they don’t use Instagram, this puzzles you.

8. You absolutely love a particular photo, yet it gets 4 likes. Where as, this other one that you just throw together because you were bored gets 400 likes. Huh…?

9. When you’ve accidentally liked a photo from 134 weeks ago, and have realised that that person now knows you’ve been stalking them. (please just let me hide under the table forever…)

10. You see people lead “perfect” lives on Instagram, but deep down you know they’re just sitting around in their pjs eating peanut butter and instagramming just like you.

Do you understand or can relate to any of these? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, I’m thinking about making a weekly/fortnightly series called “10 things..” Where I’ll list things that are funny, frustrating, annoying, yet undeniably true. Let me know what you think.

Until we meet again, stay beautiful.

Loi x

9 thoughts on “10 things only an Instagrammer would understand…

  1. Haha. OMG. I think I do all of this. And I was especially baffled the other day. I posted the most beautiful makeup photo from a line I just discovered. I mean gorgeous. And the thing gets low likes. But I can post a bottle of makeup in my hand or a selfie in the car and it’s super popular. Huh????????

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    1. HAHAHA So does everyone babe! :p
      I feel that way pretty often, and frankly it’s just damn confusing. Like, why like the random photo so much and not the one I spent 20 mins to prepare.. why people why…? hehehe

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