Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation Review

Having a strong base is the key to any makeup look and wearing the right foundation is crucial. But it’s not an easy task. I’ve always had trouble finding the “right” foundation for my skin type and tone, and had always relied on beauty advisers (Mecca/Myer/David Jones beauty counters) for help, but that’s only for high end foundations. When it came to drug store foundations, I was on my own. Each time I was on the hunt for a drug store foundation, I would spend hours, trying each one out at least twice, before committing and even then, I question myself if I’ve chosen the right colour (I can’t be the only one that does this…)

Anyways, I should stop ranting and begin my review. I’ve been using the Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation (what a mouthful!) for a while now and I wanted to share with you my thoughts.


Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this foundation.

I love that it just glides on the skin and provides great (light to medium) coverage, which lasts me thought out the day. I find that normally, my foundation would break/separate on my face by the time I finish work (around 5:30pm), but not this little guy. I still look pretty fresh at 6pm, actually I just checked tonight as I was working late and I still looked pretty fresh by 7:30pm, now that’s what I call long wearing! I did however, powder my face a little (it’s not cheating, as I always powder…)

Wearing the share 40 Nude

I wear the shade 40 Nude and I think it’s a pretty good match, maybe just a tiny bit dark for me, but I normally double bronze, so I just cut down to one instead hehehe.

The only negative would be, this foundation sticks to dry skin like it’s life depended on it. So before using this, I make sure that my skin is well hydrated and if it isn’t, I apply a small amount of Rosehip Oil and I’m good to go.


I’ve applied this foundation using my fingers and it just felt a little awkward, yes, awkward… Maybe because I’m not use to applying foundation this way? I then tried using my Beauty Blender and it worked like a dream, giving me a flawless satin finish.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation


I like the glass packaging and the shape of the bottle, as it’s different to other foundations that I have. However, I don’t care much for the “dropper”, I find it a little awkward to use. A pump would have been better, or just nothing at all.
I’ve also noticed that the cap/neck of the bottle gets dirty from the foundation build up very easily.
I use a “wet wipe” to clean it on a regular basis.


This foundation retails for $21.95AUD at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and supermarkets.

However, there are always sales on, so never pay full price for this! I got mine at the Chemist Warehouse 50% off Maybelline sale, which I think they have every quarter.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation
Shade 40 Nude


Yes and already have!


This gets a 4/5 as I totally love this foundation, minus the fact that it attacks my dry patches and has a random dropper.

Definitely worth a try, especially if you can find it on sale.

Have you tried this foundation? What is your favourite drug store foundation?

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.

Until we meet again, stay beautiful.

Loi x

9 thoughts on “Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation Review

  1. Great review! I also have this and I love it! I use a brush and it gives me a powder-like finish. I haven’t tried applying this with a beauty blender but soon I’ll definitely try it. I really like this foundation because it’s very liquidy which makes it super easy to blend out and once it sets on my skin, it looks like my skin but better! ❤ Will repurchase for sure! I just don't like the weird, fake dropper too LOL xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Which brush do you use to apply this foundation…?
      I’ve always had issues using brushes, maybe it’s just my skin, so I just stick to my beauty blender!


      1. I use a buffing brush. Try using something that’s a bit dense. I’m not really a fan of beauty blender so yeah! 😀


  2. great review!! I love the foundation double wear from Estee Lauder! it works so well on me! but now I really want to try this foundation!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      I love EL Double Wear too, such a great foundation!

      I see, definitely give this one a go, it’s fab! Unless you have dry skin, you’re good to go!!


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