Best Romantic Comedy Books

Let’s get something out of the way, I’m a rom-com fanatic and I’m not slightly embarrassed to admit it. Why would I be? Sure, rom-coms get a bad name for being over-the-top cheesy and unrealistic, but HEY… I’m reading a book, it’s meant to be unrealistic, that’s why it’s called fiction.

In saying that, like all things… There’s the good and the bad, and life’s too short to read bad rom-coms. Here are some of the best romantic comedy books out there. They will definitely brighten up your day, put a smile on your face, and pull at your heart strings. Oh and some of them can get pretty hot and heavy too, so enjoy 😉

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Book Review: You Had Me At Hola by Alexis Daria


Jasmine and Ashton are cast as the leads in a romantic comedy for the number one streaming service, believes that this is the perfect opportunity to prove themselves; Jasmine, wanting people to be interested in her as an actress and not for who she’s dating and Ashton, wanting to make the leap from Telenovela Star to Hollywood Star before it’s too late.

However, to make it work, they’ll need to generate smoking-hot on-screen chemistry. Easier said than done.

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