Hello, my name is Loi and I am a shopaholic coffee addict from Melbourne.

I started Loree Bloom on Instagram in Dec ’14 to share my passion for all things beauty, life and coffee. In Jul ’15, I decided to create a blog, as I had the urge to have a little corner of the internet all to myself.

Loree Bloom is a place where viewers can expect beautiful photos, product/service reviews, travel experiences and maybe a little humour. Each image that appears on Loree Bloom has been carefully curated and photographed to inspire my viewers.

My focus is on natural and organic products, particularly skincare and bodycare, as not only is it better for me, it’s better for our environment. However, I’m still a sucker for mainstream cosmetics, as who can resist the beauty of a NARS blush, YSL lipstick or a L’Oreal mascara. My makeup collection is a mixture of high end and drugstore products.


Things I enjoy most in life are playing with makeup, eating, travelling, photography and spending time with loved ones.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, wish to collaborate or just want to chat. You can find my contact details on my Contacts Page.

Much Love,

Loi xx

PS. Want to know why I named my blog Loree Bloom? Read it here.

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