10 Most Instagrammable Walls in Melbourne

Guys, I’m back.

So, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that my obsession with beautiful walls is undeniable. So much so, that I’ve created a hashtag (#walloree) just to document and share my obsession! I spend a lot of time searching the web for locations around Melbourne, however I’ve noticed that google (for once) didn’t really help! I, then searched Instagram for them, but again, noticed that people weren’t always willing to disclose their locations. But why…? I don’t understand… I always thought sharing was caring???

So, I’m here to disclose the location of some of the most beautiful and colourful walls I’ve come across in Melbourne. I hope that this will help you find locations for your next photoshoot, or #ootd shoot, because let’s be real, we’re all taking photos just for the ‘gram.
Also if you do end up going to these locations, tag me (@loreebloom) in your photos, I’d love to know that this blog was helpful! Continue reading “10 Most Instagrammable Walls in Melbourne”

10 things only an Instagrammer would understand…

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1. “I’m heading to sleep now” equals to spending the next two hours stalking people on Instagram.

2. When people follow and then unfollow the next day..!?!? Like wth..??? Yes, this is frustrating (ultimate 1st world problem).

3. (Foodie Instagrammer) If someone takes a piece of the food before you take 3,293 photos, you want to punch them!

4. That annoying feeling you get when you want to Instgram something yet the lighting is horrible.

5. You have an awesome photo, but no idea how to caption it. (Argghhh can’t think…) And then end up with a just a smiley face 😊. Continue reading “10 things only an Instagrammer would understand…”

LOREEBLOOM Instagram giveaway (CLOSED)


To celebrate my Instagram account hitting 5k followers, I decided to host a small giveaway.

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